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January 31


The Skin's Microbiome

presented by Stephanie Prestidge, Educator

For the first time in Canada, professional skincare therapists now have exclusive access to the world's first live probiotic skincare syste, Esse Skincare. Esse focuses on preserving microbial diversity and promoting the colonisation of healthy microbes by applying probiotics to the skin.

Join this 1-hour virtual education session to learn about the skin's microbiome and how to support its health. Learning outcomes include:

  • What is the skin's microbiome?
  • Why has the microbial diversity on our skin changed?
  • How can skincare therapists treat and heal the skin's ecosystem?
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February 7 9:30 am


Moor Spa Partner Meeting

Qualified Moor Spa Partners are invited to a free 30-minute training session every month. It takes place every 4th Tuesday, from 9:30 am to 10 am Eastern.

Mark your calendar to attend this session every 4 weeks for:
- Seasonal treatments and product focus
- Product knowledge education
- Social media images with captions and hashtags
- Free products to support your marketing

Invitations are emailed 3 weeks prior to each session.

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February 7


Marketing: Moor Spa Back Facial

Known for its healing and detoxifying properties, a Back Facial treatment using Moor Spa's Austrian Moor will help heal any impurities and hydrate the skin for a flawless, clean glow with a smooth finish.

We'll share the protocol and look at strategies for:

  • Reaching your ideal client
  • Promoting product & treatment packages
  • Encouraging repeat home care sales

These sessions are free to join, and you can connect from anywhere!

Onyfix Course

March 26, 2023


Full-day Evidence-Based Skin & Nail Care Technologies Course

Take this certificate course to develop practical skills and knowledge in:
  • Treatment of conditions of the skin & nails of the feet with the evidence-based, defense system of Podoexpert by Allpremed®
  • Non-surgical, non-invasive  treatment of ingrown  &  involuted nails  with  the evidence-based Onyfix® Nail Correction System


Register now for our free Safe Salon and Spa online class to give your clients the confidence your business offers the cleanest and safest environment.

This course offers a series of video modules and and a  downloadable certificate of completion for your portfolio!

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Esthies and Their Besties

Every Tuesday morning, join your spa and esthetics colleagues in a one-hour call to find support for challenges, participate in industry discussions, and learn the skills you need to be successful in the spa and wellness industry. 

Register for upcoming topics at the top of this page.

Find us at:

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Do you sometimes struggle with images, hashtags and wording for your social posts and newsletters? 

Below, you'll find everything you need to successfully tell your clients about the brands and services you offer, with all the benefits, consistently.

You can use these words and images on your social platforms, on signs, and in newsletters - go ahead and download them!

Moor Spa

Moor Spa

Moor Spa is a Canadian-made, 100% naturally sourced skin, body, and wellness line for spa professionals. This lifestyle brand offers safe and effective products to transform your clients' skin and overall health.

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Makes Scents

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

Made in small batches using the finest essential oils and carefully selected ingredients, every Makes Scents product not only feels, smells, and looks phenomenal but is natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. Makes Scents offers a range of sophisticated formulations, including:

Body Scrubs • Body Butters • Body Wraps • Bubble Bath • Beard oil • Essential oils.

  • Suggested hashtags: #makesscentsnaturalspaline #lmoorbringsmore
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Light Elegance

Light Elegance

Light Elegance nail enhancements are 9-free, HEMA monomer-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Born from Chemistry, Quality, and Community -  Light Elegance has developed a vast selection of hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply UV/LED cured colour, glitter, and buttercream gels for elegant nail extensions or overlay,  for all skin tones, nail types, and styles. 

  • Share your beautiful manicures with these suggested hashtags: #LightElegance #ThisisLE #LERocks #LEPPlus #LEGlitterGel #LEColorGel #lmoorbringsmore
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Green Cricket

Green Cricket maintains the balance between personal care products that are healthy and safe for those using them while also being eco-friendly. What does this mean? It means a line of products that you can use anywhere, anytime, for anyone.
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Norma De Durville

NORMA DE DURVILLE - depilatory wax from France. Where hair removal meets skincare, a complete line of waxes for all hair removal services. Rosin-free formulations for sensitive skin.

  • Suggested hashtags: #normadedurville #lmoorbringsmore
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RefectoCil is brow styling made easy, with eyelash and eyebrow
tinting and styling products. Help your clients perfect their brow game!
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PREempt™ is the only line of disinfectants powered by Accelerated
Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) for the spa and esthetics professional.
Responsible: Non-irritating to Eyes and Skin
ECO-FRIENDLY: Breaks down into water and oxygen
Compliant: Helps Get You Inspection Ready
Fast: Kills pathogens in as little as 3 minutes

  • Suggested hashtags: #preempt #infectioncontrol #cleanspa #preemptdisinfectants #makingbeautysafe #lmoorbringsmore
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